Privacy Policy

This page contains information that can help you understand how your privacy may be affected by visiting any of our website's pages at Please take the time to read and fully understand the following, before you decide to keep using this website and browsing through it's pages.

The information we collect:

Log files: In order to improve website usability and make improvements to our site for the benefit of our users and to help us better understand our visitor's needs, certain non-identifiable information may be gathered by way of a 3rd party tracking service or by using an onsite tracking solution. The information that these tracking tools may gather in relation to your visit may include (but not limited to) information about the length of your visit, IP address, pages you visited, exit and referring pages, country of origin, OS info, clicks, hovers and scrolls data (for heat maps), , info about your browser, date & time info, and more...

Cookies: When you surf through our website's pages and click on download links, a cookie may be stored on your computer for either one of the following reasons, or all of them together: 1) Tracking cookie: to help us keep track of how you interact with our site, so we can improve user satisfaction over time and the effectiveness of our website, and also to help us keep track of whether you purchased a software through any one of our download links, in which case our website will receive a commission from the vendor of the software you registered for. The tracking cookie is time limited and will be expelled after a certain amount of time passes. 2) Session ID cookie: help you surf and navigate through our website faster & easier. This cookie will be terminated as soon as you close your browser. Note that most likely you can manually remove the cookies stored on your browser depending on your browser type. In explorer you go to tools>internet options>delete>cookies. In any case you can be rest assured that we never link between cookies and any personally identifiable information you may be able to submit when browsing through our website pages.

Since our website may contain links to third party software, please be advised to visit these software's own websites and read their privacy policies. We have no control over those policies as we do not own any software we recommend. Please also understand that even though we do everything we can to make sure our website remains safe, and even though we will never sell/rent or other ways intentionally share your info with any third party – we are not foolproof to hacker attacks that may obtain such information illegally from our site and cannot guarantee that information will not be leaked in such or any other illegal means.

Moreover, please note that we do reserve the right and obligation that in certain occasions, if we'll be required by law to do so, or if we have a reason to believe that it is required in order to protect against legal actions, in such rare occasions we reserve the right to disclose any information required, to the extent needed.

If you have any question or would like to send feedback, please visit our contact page.