About our team

Some humble words about our team of IT professionals and computer technicians.

The people behind this site are, generally, technology geeks who want to make lives of ordinary computer users easier by finding and researching tools and solutions they need.

In our day-to-day work, we often talk to people who use computers as working tools, without in-deep knowledge of how computers are made and how they work. These people are often overwhelmed by fast technology development and growing number of computer problems. They are tired of hunting for software patches, finding device drivers, installing updates and all sorts of other things necessary for modern computer's normal operation.

Many problems and system errors that our customers report are connected to driver issues. Device drivers are vital part of computer system. They serve as bridge between hardware devices and software programs. Improperly installed drivers or missing drivers bring headache to both computer users and their repair technicians.

Installing right drivers helps solve these problems – for some time. But then the user buys new computer, reinstalls Windows, or just changes some system settings… And you've got to do it again. We found it helpful to have some easy-to-use solution to install and update drivers. Something that everybody can use without the hassle.

And we found lots of such solutions online. Furthermore, the number of tools and services is growing constantly, and it is hard to decide which driver update program is better. That's why we decided to make this site, some place where we share our knowledge about driver solutions to our clients and each other. This is our driver community, our solution center. We are going to search the Net for best driver update products and services, evaluate them and make recommendations for site visitors.

Our goal is to use our knowledge to make informed judgment on which driver solution should be used for each particular task or situation. We are also in search of some easy-to-use, universal tools that ordinary people can operate and benefit from. With years of IT experience, we can easily tell if a given solution will work or not, and which problem it can solve, and give practical usage recommendations.

We want to build some kind of driver lovers community where both pros and users can share their knowledge, ask for help, or give hints on driver update issues. User feedback is valuable to us, you can help us decide in which direction we develop our site.

To increase site interactivity, we also have connections with driver updating software developers. Based on our experience and community input, we can suggest to companies which features and improvements should be added to their products.

We hope that our site will help you solve your driver-related problems and find products and solutions that benefit you in your everyday life.