• It happens that what's in the box is not what you want in your plate. How often do you get driver CD-s or DVD-s with your new keyboard, printer, or web camera? Were these disks useful? Practice shows that not. And we'll explain why.
  • ...and drivers it needs to work properly. There are many devices inside your computer. Some of them are optional, and some are mandatory. Some can run without drivers at all, some require specific drivers. To help you in this world of hardware machinery, we've assembled this list of most common hardware types and their driver habits.
  • Modern computers consist of many different types of gizmos and gadgets, collectively called hardware. You use these electronic masterpieces through programs, games and applications, which are called software. These days, no software can access devices directly, they to this through Windows or other operating system. The operating system, in turn, must know exactly which devices you have. For this to work, each device must have its own device driver, which helps different parts of computer communicate to each other and you, the user.
  • It is widely known that wrong drivers cause many problems. Unfortunately, many users don't care until they get these problems themselves, and there's no easy way of solving them. To avoid this situation, we provide a list of commonly encountered problems with wrong drivers.
  • For some devices, finding drivers online is easy. For others – not so easy, and for some more it is just difficult, especially for rare or old devices. Here are some steps you should take to find newest and most stable drivers.