Drivers Easy 2011 Featured Drivers Update Solution

Driver Detective is here to help you find device drivers easily.

Where's that driver? What's this device model number? Did I install everything or are there any drivers still missing?

If you're asking yourself these questions – you are not alone. Too many people still know too little about driver related issues and still run their computers with outdated drivers that cause device driver conflicts and PC performance problems.

The reason: people are afraid of technology, and people are TOO lazy!

So after our servers almost crashed from the amount of "HELP" emails asking to find specific 6-8 word length driver files, sending us screenshots of error messages etc.. etc.. , begging for an easy fix, we decided to do a bit of research and find the best tools to make the entire process of drivers updating – a breeze. Did we find anything worth mentioning? Keep reading...

Solution hunting

So we needed something easy to use yet reliable. Some type of "turn on and forget" type of thing but one that still gives some sense of control. It should not only do something but give clear reporting on what's done. You may not know exactly how each device works and which driver it needs but you must get an overall picture of what's being done. It's YOUR computer, after all.

There are many driver update solutions in general but quite few meet our criteria. For this season, we've found our favorite: Driver Detective.

Basic functions.

Driver Detective can do the following:

  • Detect your hardware automatically.
  • Find out if latest drivers are installed,
  • Download and install the latest drivers, if needed.
  • Run on schedule to check if newer drivers are available,
  • Back up your existing drivers so that you can revert to previous settings, if needed,
  • Easy Migrator – if you ever want to downgrade or upgrade your windows operating system –
    with Driver Detective installed it becomes a snap. You will never again have to worry that some of your hardware devices will not work properly with the new OS version.

This shareware program scans your computer's hardware and checks if newer drivers are available. What's better, it can find devices even if drivers aren't installed for them. You can then choose to install only drivers for specific devices or proceed with all recommended updates.

Beneficial features

Here's why we chose Driver Detective as season's favorite:

  • Ease of use – no in-depth IT knowledge is necessary to use the program.
  • Frequently updated driver database - No matter how new or rare is your device, Driver Detective will find it thanks to extensive, frequently updated database.
  • Trusted sources – the program uses only official driver releases found on official hardware manufacturer servers. This saves your time for two reasons: you don't have to search websites yourself, and you don't need to filter out scams and spyware sites.

The driver update procedure is usually quick and easy but there are some safety measures in case something goes wrong. The program can back up your current driver configuration. Then if you aren't happy with new drivers, you can always revert to previous settings. You can also import driver backup set to various formats, like ZIP or self-extracting archive. This way, if you'll ever have to repair or reinstall Windows, you can install latest drivers even if Internet connection is not available. Driver Detective can also run on schedule, constantly checking if newer driver versions become available.

Alternatively, you can use our second favorite, PC Health Advisor.

This is a more complex piece of software. It can defragment your hard drives, scan for malware and spyware, manage startup programs and much more. We were interested in this package because it offers driver updates as part of a complex PC tune-up procedure.

Depending on user preference, PC Health Advisor can either run on its own, or you can control each step taken by PC Health Advisor. Scheduled updates, reliability and ease of use – our search criteria is met. Now it's up to you to choose which solution suits your needs better.